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Silver Server DAB & FM radio with USB player


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A simple & intuitive DAB radio

A DAB FM Radio Designed Specifically for the needs of the elderly

A simple & intuitive DAB radio, features include:

  • An easy to read, extra-large display.
  • Voice prompts. Record up to 4 voice prompts to be played at set times of the day, these could be reminders to take medication, or a nice message from the grandchildren. Our pre-configuration service can set this up for you hassle-free.
  • USB port compatible with the RNIB Talking Book Service & other audiobooks.


Featuring intelligent voice prompts confirming all main operations, adjustable EQ settings to fine tune the sound, ergonomic buttons that are big and super easy to use and an extra loud volume range.

The Silver Sever has an integrated USB socket, the main reason for this is to allow users to access RNIB’s library of 25 thousand talking books, which includes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. The USB socket allows playback of MP3 files, which could also be used to play favourite albums and songs.

The radio can also record and playback 4 separate voice reminders, ideal for messages from family members or carers, that can be played back at programmed times on a daily basis, perfect for reinforcing important daily routines.

The radio can also provide audible and visual alerts to warn when room temperatures get too low.

Powered by mains or 4 x AA 1.5V batteries.


  • Custom extra large high definition display. White characters on black and mixed upper and lower case letters to aid the visually impaired.
  • Easy to use large rotary controls and buttons
  • Voice prompt option for all main product features
  • Temperature display with Low Room Temperature Alert option
  • 4 Voice memos with recorded message LEDs
  • USB connection, compatible with the RNIB Talking Book service
  • Concealed buttons for an uncomplicated look and use
  • DAB and FM Radio
  • 2 x 3W RMS Stereo speakers
  • Tuned for the spoken word with Equalizer options
  • One touch radio pre-set buttons with LED
  • Radio text information
  • Dual alarm with Snooze function
  • Sleep timer
  • Headphone socket
  • Shaped carry handle
  • English / German / French / Dutch / Norwegian display and voice prompt options
  • Mains or battery power (4 x AA 1.5V)

Radio designed for the blind and visually impaired

The radio has an extra-large display with high contrast characters using lower and upper case fonts, making it is easier to read for those visually impaired. When the buttons are pressed, the radio plays audible confirmation making it suitable for the blind. Voice prompts are used to guide the visually impaired. The radio has one convex and one concave control button for easy identification and includes DAB, FM and USB. It is compatible with talking books, including RNIBS talking book service.

A simple intuitive DAB radio

Designed for the elderly, the Silver Server’s buttons are spaced for simple use, the essential radio control buttons are on shown on top with detailed buttons used for setup concealed beneath the flap. The radio preset buttons light up when in use making it easier to navigate.

DAB/FM radio designed for peace of mind

Simple to use and program, the Silver Server allows a relative or carer to record personalised messages to playback at scheduled times daily; this is ideal for pill reminders or food & drink prompts. Record, store and playback four ten-second voice memos. The radio has an inbuilt temperature alert that plays an audible warning when the temperature gets too cold in the room.

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