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Silver Server is another well-executed product from the multicultural team at Magicbox. This product is a truly international effort with UK design and development, engineering in Hong Kong and production in China.

Magicbox has been responsible for many consumer products which you would see stocked by retailers throughout the world.  In the UK they have worked with brands such as Acoustic Solutions , Akai and Bush, and internationally worked with Darty (France) and Medion (Germany)

Today Magicbox has offices in the UK, Hong Kong, China and the US.

The local offices provide customer services and back up if you would like to contact Magicbox, please use the form on the contact us page. They aim to respond within 24hrs.

Magicbox is exacting in its pursuit of quality. Their philosophy is to design longevity into their products giving years of reliable service, and where ever possible using recyclable materials and advising the customer on how to dispose of the product at its end of life. They are mindful of their carbon footprint and the effect their products have on the world.

Magicbox designs products which have a purpose.

The Silver Server has been designed specifically to fulfil a particular niche. Although the product’s intended use is a ‘more senior’ radio listener, the design team were deliberate in their approach to aesthetic and styling. They wanted the Silver Server to look modern radio and not to deviate too much from a ‘normal look’. However, subtly features would be designed into the product that would assist with its ease of use.

Mum doesn't want to be reminded she's old! Who does? However, we know she struggles with some cognitive functions now. The Silver Server bridges the gap between form and function, providing just the features she needs, however allowing us to do some clever stuff behind the scenes which help her.

The initial concept is only to have the necessary basic features on show and hideaway buttons and more in-depth functionality. The second part of the brief was to design specific features not available on standard radios which would enhance the experience for the intended user.

On the top surface, there are only six controls, a tuning knob to change the station, power button, three station presets and a volume control. These stripped-back controls allow the Silver Server to be operated simply after turning on. However, even these simple controls have been enhanced. Voice prompts guide the user when buttons are pressed explaining their function. Combine this with large text and LED button lights to help users with impaired vision.

Under the concealed flap are hidden a host of other controls. This allows for the set up of the operating functions for the product. Features such as voice memos, which can be played at pre-configured times, and temperature alerts can be set here.

For more information about the Silver Server, please visit this product page.

For more information about Magicbox please visit our corporate website at https://mbx-i.com/

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